Terry Daffron

Designer Maker Learner

Terry Who?

A Brief Biography

Born and raised in Crestview, FL, I made my way over to Orlando, FL, where I attended the University of Central Florida. I graduated with a B.A. in Digital Media focusing on Internet and Interactive Systems. After college I decided to stay in Orlando and marry my loving wife Emily. I have worked as a professional planner, designer, and developer for the web for over 10 years. My current specialities are Content Strategy, designing/planning User Experiences, and User Interface Design. I have worked on projects as small as simple one-page sites to enterprise level web applications.

On Free Time

My main hobby is learning. I love learning to make and fix things with my hands. With me, there is always a willingness to learn. I am an aspiring leather worker, voracious reader, and budding product designer. To keep my cardio going, I play Ultimate Frisbee.

Conferences Attended

I've had the chance of hearing and meeting some great speakers in the UX/UI and Design fields. I have attended User Interface Engineers (UIE), several An Event Aparts, and most recently the Nielson Norman Group (NN/g) Usability Week.

About This Site

The IDE I use to hand-code this site is Webstorm. This project is helping me learn the ins-and-outs of CSS Wizardry Grids and inutit.css. To compile SASS I use the indispensable Code Kit. The two web-fonts you see are Nixie One and Droid Sans. See the social media icons in the footer? They are SVG icons by Webicons.