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One Place and Simple Navigation

  • Responsibilities
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  • Content Strategy
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  • Graphic Design
  • User Testing

Cru has been on campuses for over 60 years helping students grow in their faith. We were asked by their campus ministry, who is present at over 1,516 campus across the U.S., to consult on their national website's over haul. We were able to help them determine their primary message that allowed them to make key decisions early on. The primary message was a tool that they used to determine site features, tone, and design language. By getting buy-in from stakeholders early on, the design and development of the site kept a rapid pace on to it's launch. The user testing involved questionnaires and observation of individuals using the site. Through testing we were also able to make meaningful changes to the right key words and prove the simplicity of the User Experience. The New Cru on campus website set a standard for the organization through it's mobile first strategy, single column design, and it's responsiveness to any screen size.

Sample views showing the evolution of the mobile-first design. Wire-frames were created consisting of real content instead of filler text.